Wednesday, November 22, 2017

 Criteria for presentation:
Content and presentation:
Answered Driving Question ___________ /4
Information was understandable___________ /4
Used visuals____________ /4
Used words/text to explain ____________ /4
Creativity___________ /4

Answered questions____________ /4

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1. English journal story - le 17 novembre

Rubric – My English DOJO story
            Due November 17th

£  shows a clear sense of audience; chooses ideas and details to engage the reader’s attention and create an emotional impact (try to make Madame laugh, cry, chuckle, shudder, smile, wince, or snort…)
£ language is clear and varied; experiments with expressive language to create images (sometimes you use triple scoop words).
£  beginning effectively introduces the main characters; engaging
£ develops logically (this happened, and then this happened, and then this happened – the things that happen in my story make sense and Mme can follow the story without getting confused).
£ ending ties up the story and solves the problem (the elephant dung)
£ characters are unique
£ dialogue is clear and contributes to understanding the characters
£ most words are spelled correctly

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Upcoming deadlines!

Genius Hour - Friday, December 8th
Math quiz - This Tuesday: multiplying by one digit. Example: 9842 x 7 = ?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Upcoming quizzes in Math

a) grade 6s are multiplying and dividing decimal numbers with 10, 100, 1000, and 10 000
b) grade 5s are being quizzed on subtracting numbers with decimals. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Homework: Genius Hour Sales Pitch (Nov 3)

Something ominous brooding in the corner of our classroom....   #operationrampe #sciences muahahaha

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Upcoming deadlines:

- Maison hantée (grammaire) - mercredi demain
- #20 minutes de français
- photo forms need to be submitted by October 24th
- sciences humaines comic (needs versus wants) - due demain

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Newsletter

Parent Newsletter – October 2017

Dear Parents,
I’m so happy we’ve had such agreeable autumn weather. September was a time for settling into new routines and procedures in our classroom. October is an extension of September, and in many ways we continue to work on building a positive, happy classroom community, and to work on building independent working, writing, and reading skills.  This newsletter, I hope, will provide some clarifications about some of our classroom routines.

Dojo Points
ClassDojo is an electronic means of giving positive feedback to students. Each student has a little critter/monster avatar and they gain points for things such as walking quietly in the hallways, finishing their homework, doing their class tasks, maintaining a pristine, organized desk J, routinely keeping an agenda, etc. Students do not see each other’s point totals, and the amount of points a student earns varies based on their attendance at school, so really it is not a reflection of good or bad behaviour; it is simply a paperless and fun way for me to lend some acknowledgment to good work habits and to the helpers in our class. ClassDojo has an option for parents to see their students’ points but it is not necessary or expected of parents to sign into an account. ClassDojo also has a neat option of presenting our class totals in a graph and percentages format, so we learn some math principles such as counting multiples and visualized data in the process. We have decided as a class that when we have earned an aggregate class total of 1000 points we will vote on a special privilege such as a pyjama party or fun field trip.

Halloween Party
With Halloween on a Tuesday, our class will have a party to share our costumes and perhaps do some crafts with our little buddy class. Normally I organize a potluck where each student is in charge of bringing a shareable treat -- any from chips to juice boxes to cupcakes. I am open to suggestions from parents for alternate Halloween ideas as well!

Starting in mid-October, every Thursday afternoon your child will attend an Explorations elective. Students will have the chance to choose from a variety of activities offered at Belmont. This might include knitting, coding, cooking, Outdoor Education, photography, clay animation, and journalism. More details will be provided by next week.
Fresh Grade
Over the next couple days you will receive an email inviting you to access Fresh Grade. This is my platform for documenting and communicating your child’s learning and assessments. Fresh Grade will also let you know if your child has forgotten to hand in assignments, or is chronically late in handing them in.  Please note that if you have not received an email in the next couple of days, this means that your email address in the school system is incorrect and needs to be updated. Please email me if you suspect this is the case (, as I can fix that.

Thank you for your help and communication this September. I look forward to meeting you at Parent-Teacher conferences. As always, I have an open-door policy in my classroom and you are welcome anytime to chat before or after school.

- Mme Bournelis

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Goal Setting assignment (this assignment is in French but the instructions are in English):

As a class we will each come up with one short-term, one medium-term and one long-term goal. These could be academic or personal goals.*

*Short-term goals can be achieved in fewer than two months. Medium-term goals may take from two months to three years to achieve. Long-term goals require three or more years to achieve. Long-term goals may be built upon short-term goals. (

In a short paragraph you will:
• Describe your short-term goal (mon objectif à court terme) – what is your short term goal? (4 marks)
• List at least one individual who might be able to help you achieve this goal. (4 marks) Who is that person? How might they be able to help?
• Develop a plan to work toward achieving each goal. (4 marks)
• Explain how can you take steps to work toward achieving each of your goals. You should include at least one specific thing you intend to do to achieve each goal. (4 marks)

This writing assignment is due on September 28th.
Please note that you will have the computers reserved for you this week; this will give you a good amount of time to finish your work in class if you are on task.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Le rappel

- Quiz de maths - convertir les millions en décimal (eg., 45 000 000 --> 4.5 millions)
le 28 septembre

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Le rappel

- 4 octobre Terry Fox run
- $ pour agenda
- Maths 6 - p.15
- 5 objets paragraphs - le 5 octobre
- Hep B vaccine form return

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Writing Paragraphs Homework for October 5th

My name is :___________________________
                                                                              My identity box
ü Please bring 5 artifacts in a box. Each artifact is to represent a symbol of your identity such as thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences.
ü You will write a paragraph for each artifact. Please try to write an organized paragraph for each one. (see example below)
ü Your paragraphs need to feature organized details and a sense of conclusion.
ü Explain what each object represents and how it is a part of your identity.
ü 3 paragraphs are to be in French and 2 in English ; if you are in grade 5 you only have to write 4 pagraphs (2 in French and 2 in English).

You will be asked to show the class your box of artifacts, like a « Show and Tell».

Due : Thursday, October 5th